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Stabilising Foot

Stabilising Foot

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Finish: Steel Powder Coated
Type: Normal Stab Foot
Fence Height: 50 cm - 100 cm


Tekplas Metal Stabilising Foot: Enhance Your Fencing’s Stability

Whether you need a temporary setup or a permanent fixture, the Tekplas Metal Stabilising Foot ensures your fencing remains stable and secure. This innovative accessory allows Tekplas fencing systems to stand freely without any permanent fixing, making it ideal for temporary situations and has 4 holes for permanent environments.


  • Two Finishes: Available in high-grade steel powder coated in white for indoor use or in full stainless steel for outdoor use, ensuring maximum protection against wear and tear.
  • Two Types: Choose from wall-end or normal stabilising feet. The wall-end type allows for flush placement against walls or skirting, eliminating gaps, while the normal type is perfect for middle posts.
  • Compatibility: Designed for Tekplas Fencing Products ranging from 500mm to 1800mm in height. A larger foot is available for fencing products between 1200mm and 1800mm.
  • Versatility: Suitable for straight line, U-shape, and L-shape fencing. Although it is recommended to use the stabilising foot on every post for optimal stability, every other post also works well if you are on a budget. Additionally, there is no need to use the stabilising foot on 90-degree corners, as the corner strength allows the fence to stand freely.


  • Increased Stability: Sliding the post over the spike of the stabilising foot provides a sleek look while enhancing the stability of your fencing.
  • Minimal Obstruction: Can be offset by turning through 90 degrees to minimize obstacles on the sides.
  • Permanent Fixture Option: Can be screwed to the floor or patio if a permanent fixture is required. Or pegged to grass through the 4 holes in the base plate.  If a permanent fixture is all you require please see our fixings page for our solid floor fixing, these can't be seen once fitted.


The Tekplas Metal Stabilising Foot is suitable for all Tekplas Fencing Systems, including:

  • Tekplas Play Area Fencing
  • Tekplas Picket Fencing
  • Swimming Pool Fencing
  • Soft Play Fencing

Make your fencing more versatile and stable with the Tekplas Metal Stabilising Foot. With its different finishes and types, it is designed to suit your specific needs while ensuring your fencing remains secure and free-standing. Choose Tekplas Metal Stabilising Foot for a reliable and durable solution to your fencing needs.

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