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Finishing Posts 50 cm - 100 cm

Finishing Posts 50 cm - 100 cm

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Height: 50 cm
Colour: White


Tekplas Finishing Posts are designed to work with all Tekplas products and are complete with end caps to provide a clean finish to your fencing runs

  • High-Quality UPVC Product
  • Strong Rigid Construction
  • Available in a range of Tekplas Colours
  • Durable for Outdoor use
  • Manufactured in the UK by Tekplas

Where would you use our finishing posts?

Our finishing post lets you complete a straight line, L-shape, or U-shape fencing run. When making a square or rectangle, these are not needed. As you finish back into the post, you started with. Example: If you buy ten panels but make two five-panel separate fencing runs, you will need 2 finishing posts. With every panel/section you buy from Tekplas, you only get 1 x post; otherwise, if every section came with two posts, you would have lots of posts left over that aren't required.


  • Height: 500 – 1000mm
  • 75mm Square

This Product Contains:

1 x Post & Top Cap


Please note: The first picture shows a post with a stabilising foot; the stabilising foot is not included with each post.

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