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Ground Spike | 700mm

Ground Spike | 700mm

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Our U-shaped ground spike is constructed from a galvanized material and meticulously designed to pierce effortlessly into soil or grass, providing a reliable foundation for posts. Its unique design allows posts to slide over its top, ensuring a quick and effective method to erect fencing for short durations. While ideal for temporary setups or areas with minimal traffic, it's recommended for something other than permanent or long-term installations due to potential stability concerns. However, if permanence is desired, cementing the ground spike can offer an enhanced level of steadiness, but we advise opting for longer posts to cement into the ground.

This product provides ease and flexibility, making it perfect for temporary fencing needs.

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Do I need a finishing post?

Yes, you will need a finishing post unless you are connecting the last panel back to the starting post (making a square or
rectangle) finishing posts are required with all straight line, L-Shape or U-shape fencing.

Do I need a finishing post? (post chain)

Yes, you will need a finishing post unless you are connecting the last piece of chain to a hook on the wall or existing fence

How many finishing posts do I need?

Each panel comes with 1 x post. You will need 1 finishing
post for each run of fencing. For example if you have a 2 individual straight line runs then you will need 2 finishing posts.

Can we make bespoke size panels?

Yes, we can, all of our products are made to order. If you
need bespoke length panels then drop us an email to with
your requirements.

Do you charge more for bespoke panels?

We do not charge any extra for bespoke panels, we charge
per panel.