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Plastic Compost Bin

Plastic Compost Bin

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Colour: Green
Post Type: Standard Posts
Top Brace: Standard

Build Time: 10-12 Working Days

Estimated Dispatch Date: 24 May 2024


Introducing the Tekplas Plastic Compost Bin - The Ultimate Composter Solution Transform your garden waste into valuable, nutrient-dense compost with the Tekplas Compost Bin.


Proudly made in the UK by Tekplas, with over 40 years of experience in the plastic extrusion industry, this durable and efficient composting solution is constructed from high-quality PVC, and a portion is recycled to minimize environmental impact. The hollow PVC extrusions provide excellent insulation, promoting rapid heat retention and accelerating composting. As a result, you can produce rich, nutritious compost faster than ever.


Key Features:

  1. Efficient Composting: The unique and intuitive design of the Tekplas Compost Bin allows for easy assembly and usage, promoting rapid heat retention and accelerating the composting process.
  2. Easy Use: Lift the top caps on one side and slide the top panel up the groove of the posts to remove 4 of the five panels from one side, making it easy to dig out or rotate your compost. This feature is available on all four sides.
  3. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality PVC, our compost bin is designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.
  4. Customization Options: Choose from our standard brace bar for most residential applications or upgrade to our heavy-duty brace bar for commercial use or multi-bin setups. Additionally, we offer a range of accessories, including a compost bin lid (please see related products), to ensure a seamless composting experience.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Manufactured using a percentage of recycled PVC, the Tekplas Compost Bin provides a premium composting solution and supports our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. As a result, slight variations in panel color and appearance outweigh the environmental benefits.
  6. Multi Bin Expansion: We offer a compost bin add-on, simply add another 3 sides to your compost bin to double the size or even triple the size or more, you can make 3, 4, etc in a row or make 4 bins in a square. The options are endless. Please click here for our compost bin add-on.
  7. Compost Bin Lid: Please click here for our compost bin lids


External Dimensions:

  • Length and Width: 92cm
  • Height: 77.5cm


Compost Bin Kit Includes:

  • 20 x Tongue & Groove Panels (5 per side)
  • 4 x Posts & Caps
  • 4 x Bottom Panel Brace Bars
  • 4 x Top Panel Brace Bars (Standard Or Heavy Duty)
  • 2 x 700mm Galvanized Ground Spikes (Ground types can vary)


Post Options Explained:

Standard Posts = Posts only, this allows you to simply sit the compost bin on any ground surface or if you want to fix the compost bin to a solid ground type, whether its concrete, patio slabs, you can purchase our solid floor fixings, please click here.


Standard Posts and Ground Spikes = Posts and metal ground spikes to knock in place once the bin is setup. Please note that some ground types are much more challenging, so you may need to dig and concrete the spikes into the ground, depending on your ground type.


Longer posts to cement = The posts can be cut longer (250-300mm longer than our standard post) to cement into the ground.

Embrace the simplicity and efficiency it offers while doing your bit for the environment. Order yours today and take the first step towards a more sustainable future. Make composting a hassle-free experience with the Tekplas

Shipping & Returns

Free Delivery to UK Mainland.

Please contact us for delivery to Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight etc.Free Delivery


Length: 92cm
Width: 92cm
Height: 78cm

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Grow with your Garden

Our compost bins can grow with your composting needs. Easily expandable with add on sections which slot into place.

Better for the environment

Our compost bins are built to last. Our bins do not rot like wood which will need replacing.