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Swimming Pool Fencing Gate

Swimming Pool Fencing Gate

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Colour: White
Posts Required: 0
Latch Type: No Latch

Build Time: 12-15 Working Days Approx


Tekplas Swimming Pool Fencing Gates: The Perfect Choice for UK Homes and Gardens

Why Choose Tekplas Picket Fencing Gates?

  1. Safety First: Our fencing gates are designed with both humans and animals in mind. The lightweight PVC construction ensures there are no sharp edges or harmful materials, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

  2. Premium Quality: Manufactured with high-grade PVC, our picket fencing gates promise long-lasting durability, making them a worthwhile investment for any property.

  3. Rigidity You Can Trust: Despite their lightweight nature, these gates boast a strong and rigid construction, ensuring they stand up to the rigours of the British weather and daily use.

  4. Versatility at Its Best: Whether you want to enhance your indoor space or beautify your garden, our fencing gates are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  5. Hassle-free Maintenance: Keeping our fencing gates pristine is a breeze. They're easy to clean – just refer to our handy cleaning description for tips.

  6. DIY Installation: No need for professionals or specialised tools. Our gates are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a quick and easy installation process.

  7. Hygienic Solution: The non-porous nature of PVC makes our fencing gates a hygienic choice, preventing the growth of mould and bacteria.


Ordering information Below = Important

Things to take into consideration when reading the below.

1) Do you need any vertical posts to attach the gate to??

2) If ordering vertical posts, please remember to minus the posts from your overall gap. Our vertical posts are 75mm square. See example below

3) Remembering the clearance required to stop the gate fouling on the vertical posts.


Gate Widths We Can Offer

Tekplas Swimming Pool Gates can be made between 450mm to 1130mm Wide – Please let us know the width of the gate you require when ordering by leaving the actual width of the gate required in the gate width box.

Please note when ordering a gate, you need to allow for 20mm of clearance overall, 10mm each side. This is the gap between the gate and the post. This allows the gate to open and close freely without fouling.

Selecting Post Options = Each post is 75mm square

Tekplas offers 3 options: No posts, one post, or two posts with your gate. This gives you flexibility when ordering the gate for every scenario. We have some written examples and some picture examples.

Example 1) No posts required. If you have a gap between your current vertical posts of 1000mm, you need to order a gate at 980mm this includes the 20mm of clearance.

Example 2) 1 vertical post required. If you have a gap of 1000mm you need to fill with a gate and 1 x vertical post. You need to minus 75mm for the post and 20mm of clearance. So you need a gate width of 905mm.

Example 3) 2 Vertical posts required. If you have a gap of 1000mm you need to fill with a gate and 2 x vertical posts. You need to minus 150mm for the posts and 20mm of clearance. So you need a gate width of 830mm.


The gate width depends on how the posts have been fixed. If the posts have or are going to be cemented into the ground or fixed with our solid floor fixings. You can order a gate up to 1130mm wide. If the post is fitted to our temporary stabilising feet, we would recommend going for a gate no wider than 800mm.

If you need any help, simply send us your fencing and gate plan whether it be detailed or written on a piece of paper and we will work it out for you. Please contact us with your requirements.


Play Area Gate Kit Consists Of The Following

  • Gate at 900mm High

  • Hinges

  • Latch Type: Metal Thumb Latch / Key Lock Latch

  • Posts (if selected)

Gate Kit Consisting Of The Following

  • Hinges + Screws (For hinge to post and hinge to gate only)
  • Latch Type:  Metal Thumb Latch as standard (We do recommend a gravity latch that is lockable) Please see our fixings page
  • Posts + Caps = If selected

Please Note:

We cannot be held responsible for the safety or installation of our products, as the buyer or installer you must make sure it is installed correctly and safe to use. And the correct lock type is used for locking the gate. 




Free Delivery to all UK Mainland (not including the Highlands)

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Hassle Free Maintenance

With no rotting or degredation in our material, our Gates are easy to maintain. Simply wipe down and clean.

Security Options

We have a range of locks bolts and hardware to add to your gate.


Are your gates fully assembled?

Our gates will come fully assembled. You will need a trusted gate fitter to install your gate for you along with your lock options.

How strong are your gates?

Our gates are just as strong as wooden gates, without the worry of rotting and material degrading.

Does the total gap include the posts?

Yes, it does.
The total gap is to include the 2 posts and the gate - so it is the gap you are trying to fill.

We recommend measuring your total gap top, middle and bottom and giving us the smallest

We then take into account the 2 posts, gaps for clearance and the gate size.

Can I use existing posts?

Yes, you can use existing posts as long as they are in good condition. Please send an email
with a picture of the existing posts to so we can double check.

Does the gate come with screws for fixing the posts?

No, the gate does not come with screws for fixing the posts as our products are fitted to so many different surface types.

What is included with the gate?

2 x posts, 2 x caps and 2 x door stop’s

1 x gate

Hinges (3 for singles and 6 for doubles) and 1 ring latch with screws for fixing

Can I hinge the gate from the left- or right-hand side?

Yes, you can. We do not drill any pilot holes for the hinges or latch so you can hinge the gate from the left- or right-hand side.

Can I fix the gate to open inwards or outwards?

Yes, you can. If fitting the gate to open inwards the hinges go on the back face of the gate, if fitting the gate to open outwards, the hinges go on the front face of the gate.