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Whelping Box / Puppy Playpen Full Walk Through Door Only

Whelping Box / Puppy Playpen Full Walk Through Door Only

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Colour: White
Height: 50 cm
Gap between Slats: 25 mm

Build Time: 1 Week

Estimated Dispatch Date: 23 May 2024


Tekplas believes it's essential for you to keep up with our forever-changing product range. Introducing the Playpen / Whelping Box Walk-Through Door lets you install a door on your existing product.

Purchasing this door panel will also allow your whelping box and playpen to become two separate items, which might be helpful in the later stages of whelping and development, as you can pack the whelping box away and use the playpen separately.

The easy-wipe surface can be wiped with ordinary household disinfectants or even washed in a garden environment with a hose or pressure washer should it become exposed to dirt or debris.

  • High-Quality PVC Product
  • Strong Rigid Construction
  • Very Hygienic
  • Easy Clean Wipeable Surface
  • Durable for Indoor or Outdoor use

Door Panel Size

Panel Width: 1150mm

Overal Width: 1300mm (Inc Posts)

We can also supply these at 775mm wide and 900mm wide to fit our smaller puppy playpens. If you require a smaller width, please leave the size in the notes section when checking or emailing us. We need the size between the posts; please don’t include the posts.


If your existing whelping box and play pen product has a floor in the whelping box play area that your adding this product to, please let us know in the notes section when placing the order. As we need to add the floor rail underneath the walk through door when making the product. Or you can always email us after with your order number.


When buying this product, you will only receive the front panel with the door from the picture; the playpen is extra.


Width 1150mm or 1300mm with outer posts attached = Height 60cm, 75cm or 90cm High

Shipping & Returns

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Floors, Roofs and Gates

Our Whelping Boxes come with a range of options, need a floor, roof or gate? We have got you.

Suitable for all Breeds

Our Whelping Boxes are available in a range of heights We have varying slat gaps and heights to suit your breed of dog.


What breeds are suitable for your Whelping Boxes?

Our Whelping Boxes are made to suit all breeds. Simply adjust the options when placing the order to suit your breed, such as height and slat gaps.

Can I add a Floor or Roof to my existing Whelping Box?

Yes you can get in touch with us and we will be able to assist you further.

Can you make bespoke sizes?

Yes, we can, send us an email to with your required size and we can work out what we can do for you.

Does the whelping box come with pig rails?

Yes, it does, the pig rails are removable.

Is the floor waterproof?

The floor is made using a tongue and groove system. You can run a bead of silicone in-between each of the boards to make the floor waterproof. You need to use a
sanitary silicone (kitchen or bathroom) it is recommended to water test the floor before using it with puppies!

Can I add a playpen to my whelping box?

Yes, you can add a playpen to the whelping box. If you have ordered the 85cm x 85cm whelping
box then you cannot add a playpen. You can order single panels using the
following link

If I buy a whelping box and playpen can I add the playpen at a later date?

Yes, you can build the whelping box and then add the playpen when the puppies are mobile.