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PVC Double Gates for Driveways and Gardens | W: 2401 - 2750mm, H: 1800mm | Arched Top

PVC Double Gates for Driveways and Gardens | W: 2401 - 2750mm, H: 1800mm | Arched Top

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Colour: White
with High Security Lock: No Lock

Build Time: 7-8 weeks


Introducing Tekplas uPVC Double Gates: Elevate Your Property with Style and Durability.

Main Features and Benefits:

  1. Strong and Stylish: These gates are made from tough PVC that's both strong and looks good.
  2. Sturdy Build: They are built to last and will keep your property safe while adding a touch of class.
  3. Weatherproof: These gates can handle all types of weather - rain, wind, and sun and still look great. They will not hold water like wooden gates.
  4. Color Choices: You can choose White, Brown, Golden Oak, and Dark Grey to match your property's look.
  5. Easy to Clean: Wipe them down; there is no need to paint, and they'll always look fresh.
  6. Made to Last: These gates are built for outdoor use and will stay in good shape all year round. The material has UV Stabilizers.
  7. Complete Package: You get everything you need for installation - hinges, latch, and post - so it's easy to set up.
  8. Style Choices: You can choose a flat top or arched top gate to suit your taste. Please see our flat top gate product.
  9. Bespoke: We can make these gates just for you if you need something special. Whether you require a higher gate or an aliminum frame on the back of the gate, we have this covered. Please get in touch with us.
  10. Add-Ons Available: We also offer Tekplas Side Panels to match your gate and make your space look unified. Please click here

Extra Details:

  • Post Info: The plastic side posts are 75mm x 75mm square by 1830mm high as standard, and the aliminum posts are 100mm x 100m square by 2250mm high as standard. If you prefer two aliminum posts so that they look the same but require one of them 1830mm high we can also offer that option. Simply write it in the Notes section when you go through to checkout or email us once you've placed the order.
  • Complete Package: Your gate comes with 6 x Hinges, 1 x Door Latch, and screws to fit the hardware. The posts come complete with 2 x door stops and decorative top caps. Please note when using aluminium posts, they do not come with doors stops. 

Our uPVC double gates will fit gaps between 2401mm and 2750mm and a standard height of 1800mm start or arch and rises 100-175mm to suit the width of the gates. These are designed to replace your existing timber gates.


How To Measure Your Gap = Important Please Read Carefully

We need to know the gap size you plan to fill with the gate and posts. We will manufacture the gate to suit. We subtract the correct amount of clearance required depending on the colour chosen. And subtract the posts from the measurement. This way, we ensure the gate will be made to the correct width. Please measure the top, middle, and bottom and give us the smallest distance in the Gap Box. If you are still unsure, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will talk you through it.

If you want to keep your existing posts, please get in touch with us with your gate gap and your current gate size, and we will assist you.


Post Options Explained

2 x Plastic Posts = This is the most common option. Each post is fitted to the wall.

1 x Plastic Post, 1 x Aliminum Post = This is when you can fit one post to a wall, but the other post needs to be freestanding. The plastic post is fitted to the wall, and the aliminum post is cemented into the ground.

2 x Aliminum Posts = When both posts need to be freestanding, each post will be cemented into the ground.

Rebate Strip

On Double Gates, we fit a rebate strip to one of the gates. As in most cases, one of the gates will be used as an entrance gate until they both need to open. Looking at the front of the gates, please let us know which gate you would like the rebate strip on. Left Gate or Right Gate. Remember the gate with the rebate strip on will be the gate stationary unless you want the gates to open forwards (Not that common)


We can now supply a High-Security Gate lock. This comes with a key on one side and a button on the other for easy opening from inside. These are made from high-quality materials with a 15mm steel square sliding bolt and s/steel lock mechanism and are complete with five keys. There is also a matching handle available, which removes the need for a ring latch, giving the gate a more modern look. Please see the link below.

As seen in the pictures, we can also supply drop-down bolts/Tower Bolts. Please see related items or the fixings page.



  • We do not fit gates. We manufacture them. But we do have a fitters page on the website.
  • The accuracy of the dimensions specified by you will reflect the fit quality.
  • We recommend a professional or skilled handy person installs them.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware is advised for gates fitted near the sea or in corrosive areas.
  • Please call Customer Services should you experience any difficulties during the installation.
  • We do not advise fitting 3rd party locks or latches and cannot be held responsible if they cause fitting issues.
  • Please be aware that plastic gates expand slightly in the heat but not when wet (unlike wooden gates), so the correct clearance is needed to ensure an all-year-round fit.

Please Note: The High-Security gate lock barrel is 50mm, and our gates are approx 32mm thick. See our pictures to see them fitted to our gates.


Gate Height 1800mm Start Or Arch, Post Height 1830mm


Free Delivery to UK Mainland.

Please contact us for delivery to Scottish Highlands, and UK islands.

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Hassle Free Maintenance

With no rotting or degredation in our material, our Gates are easy to maintain. Simply wipe down and clean.

Security Options

We have a range of locks bolts and hardware to add to your gate.


Are your gates fully assembled?

Our gates will come fully assembled. You will need a trusted gate fitter to install your gate for you along with your lock options.

How strong are your gates?

Our gates are just as strong as wooden gates, without the worry of rotting and material degrading.

Does the total gap include the posts?

Yes, it does.
The total gap is to include the 2 posts and the gate - so it is the gap you are trying to fill.

We recommend measuring your total gap top, middle and bottom and giving us the smallest

We then take into account the 2 posts, gaps for clearance and the gate size.

Can I use existing posts?

Yes, you can use existing posts as long as they are in good condition. Please send an email
with a picture of the existing posts to so we can double check.

Does the gate come with screws for fixing the posts?

No, the gate does not come with screws for fixing the posts as our products are fitted to so many different surface types.

What is included with the gate?

2 x posts, 2 x caps and 2 x door stop’s

1 x gate

Hinges (3 for singles and 6 for doubles) and 1 ring latch with screws for fixing

Can I hinge the gate from the left- or right-hand side?

Yes, you can. We do not drill any pilot holes for the hinges or latch so you can hinge the gate from the left- or right-hand side.

Can I fix the gate to open inwards or outwards?

Yes, you can. If fitting the gate to open inwards the hinges go on the back face of the gate, if fitting the gate to open outwards, the hinges go on the front face of the gate.