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Wall Partitions and Dividers

Wall Partitions and Dividers

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Colour: White
Height: 1.2 m
Post Height: Standard Post

Build Time: 2-3 weeks approx (Depending on order size)


Introducing Our Premium PVC Wall Partitioning System

Elevate your space with our high-quality PVC wall partitioning system, meticulously designed to redefine versatility and functionality. Crafted from top-tier PVC material, this partitioning solution stands as a testament to durability, practicality, and aesthetic sophistication.

Key Features:

Unmatched Quality: Our partitions are meticulously fashioned from twin-wall uPVC material, ensuring a resilient, long-lasting foundation that resists wear and tear. With its UV stability and lead-free composition, our partitioning system guarantees a safe and eco-conscious choice.

Tailored Elegance: Choose from an array of colours and heights to harmonise with your space's aesthetics. This system provides the flexibility to customise according to your vision, offering heights of 1.2m, 1.5m, and 1.8m, and an expansive width of 115cm.

Hygienic Brilliance: Built to meet the highest hygiene standards, our washable panels offer not only visual appeal but also easy maintenance. With the option to use PVC cleaner or hose down, maintaining a pristine environment has never been more effortless.

Innovative Soundproofing and Insulation: The twin-wall construction lends our partitions exceptional soundproofing and insulation properties, fostering a quiet, serene atmosphere while enhancing energy efficiency.

Seamless Adaptability: Our partitioning system boasts a user-friendly design, allowing for hassle-free reconfiguration to meet evolving spatial needs. Each panel is equipped with a post, enabling effortless detachment from any of the four faces, promoting a dynamic layout.


Our partitioning system effortlessly caters to diverse applications, whether indoors or outdoors, in commercial spaces, offices, or pet-friendly areas. Its lightweight structure, coupled with a robust build, offers a harmonious blend of portability and durability.

Easy Installation:

Posts can be supported on freestanding base plates for a temporary fix and allow you to move the partitions around if required. Then see our temporary stabilising foot product please click here. Or if you want to secure to a solid floor using our solid floor fixings,  then please click here. Our posts can also be screwed to the wall. Our system offers a seamless installation process. The kit includes a post, panel, and post cap for a cohesive finish, ensuring a polished appearance.

Bespoke Solutions:

Are you seeking a personalised touch? We accommodate bespoke requirements. Share your plans with us at, and our experts will guide you.

How The System Works:

Experience a hassle-free assembly process. Each panel is thoughtfully paired with a post. Once your ideal layout is designed, remember that a finishing post is essential for completing your fencing run. Please click here for our finishing post. This is especially crucial when your layout doesn't connect back to the starting panel and post.

Gate Options:

Complete your partitioning scheme with our in-and-out entry gates, available in two styles - fully enclosed or slatted. For added flexibility, doors can be divided into two sections, creating a functional partition with a touch of elegance. Please see related products. Please click here for our gate product.

Discover the pinnacle of partitioning innovation with our premium PVC wall partitioning system. From its durable construction to its adaptable nature, it's the ideal solution for elevating spaces while maintaining aesthetics and functionality. Experience the future of partitions today.


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Do I need a finishing post?

Yes, you will need a finishing post unless you are connecting the last panel back to the starting post (making a square or
rectangle) finishing posts are required with all straight line, L-Shape or U-shape fencing.

Do I need a finishing post? (post chain)

Yes, you will need a finishing post unless you are connecting the last piece of chain to a hook on the wall or existing fence

How many finishing posts do I need?

Each panel comes with 1 x post. You will need 1 finishing
post for each run of fencing. For example if you have a 2 individual straight line runs then you will need 2 finishing posts.

Can we make bespoke size panels?

Yes, we can, all of our products are made to order. If you
need bespoke length panels then drop us an email to with
your requirements.

Do you charge more for bespoke panels?

We do not charge any extra for bespoke panels, we charge
per panel.